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Trash Yakkin' - Come on and let it out here!

Posted on: January 28, 2008 10:10 pm

Let it begin... 

USC yakkin smack against the Wildcats.

Cat fans yakkin smack against the Duck fans ...

Bashing the Sneezers (asu) ... (yet I ask - is it bashin when you speak of reality?)

Anyhow, here for anyone who wants, let the yakkin begin ... post at your own risk - what comes - goes. 

And if ya got crow coming next week, come here and get it.  If ya got props comin - get 'em.

Let the gentlemen speak ...

or not

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Since: Dec 20, 2007
Posted on: February 7, 2008 4:30 pm

Trash Yakkin' - Come on and let it out here!

I'm callin' out all the Sun Devil fans who want so bad to be able to claim that ASU has reached UA's level.  Hell, you were talking about winning the Pac 10 title after four games!  Rushing the court after beating UA (minus Bayless) in overtime on your home court shows how far you still have to go.  You would NEVER see UA fans rush the court after beating anyone, because we expect to beat everyone.  You have to prove that you can sustain success before you can even start to sniff elite status, and going 14-2 against a very weak non-conference schedule a year after finishing 2-16 and in last place in the P10 does not qualify as sustained success.  When you've won 20 games in 19 consecutive season and made the NCAA tournament for 23 years in row, I'll start to take you seriously.  And realistically, what are the chances of that happening?  Harden and Pendergraph may be gone after this year, and if that happens, it's going to be hard to tell ASU and Oregon State apart.  Accept your place in the Pac and you won't be disappointed every year.

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